All of the pieces in this collection were composed in 2013 – 2014.

The Home page presents the music as an independent set of pieces, similar to listening to an audio CD. All of the solo instrumental music was composed traditionally, then realized on digital instruments.

Each of the scores contain an instrumental part and a performance disc containing the electronic music that accompanies the solo instrument.

Players do NOT attempt to interact with the electronic music. They are directed to play as though the solo music was independent of the electronic music.

The player keeps a steady pulse throughout. The solo music is metrically notated in order to help facilitate a steady beat. This rhythmic accuracy insures a reasonable interaction with the electronic music, and frees the player from having to conform to a timing device.

The MP3′s are UNAVAILABLE for purchase. None of the recordings are, or have been, sold commercially. They are intended for online playback only and are not downloadable.

To purchase any of the scores (which contains the instrumental part and a disc with the electronic music), contact Spectrum Music online or at 781 862 0088.

– J. H.